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Well, today has been such a shitty day. I'll start from the beginning...
This morning...mother has another go at me for not eating enough.
Then I get to school...which I really wasnt in the fucking mood for at all, the only reason I came in was coz It was Nikis Birthday...I felt sick, and tired, and just downright shit. everything was just...like, fake and not real until lunch...where for some reason everyone got really pissed off with me just coz I wasnt particularly happy and i was "ruining" nikis birthday, just coz i didnt want to be in pictures, or really join in much.

i just dont wnat to do this anymroe, nothign makes sense. at all.
its all so unreal

and i love him more than i ever could, but now i really know there is no way on this earth he feels the same

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