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Oh God, school soon. Absolutely dreading it. Seriously. I hate school more than anything ever.

Today I went to town with my friends Gaby, Zoe, Annie and Daisy, it was completely great, we had an awesome day. The only bad thing was that Gaby was a bit depressed because of this whole Tom thing. Urrgh, I hate him!! I hate how he makes her upset, he's such a dick. We saw him in town and I was very tempted to go up to him and have a big go at him, but I didn't.

I'm so happy that i finally have my Creative Zen Micro thingiemajigger. Makes life easier, god i sound like a ADVERT. A walking talking advert, we are all for sale etc.

In other news, I have become re obssessed with Justin Timberlake! I love him. As I said to Miriam, "i actually do want him in bed! seriously!" He's on the list. Heh. the list is awesome, its this list of celebrities that me and miriam want to...well...you know.

Other people on this list are Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones, Owen & Luke Wilson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jesse McCartney, Chad Michael Murray, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Brody and many others.

Yeah, its a good list :)

Anyway, I haven't seen Jon for ages which is rather sad!

It's my Dad's 50th birthday soon! I bought him a card today. Well another one, I already got him one but its quite rude so Mum doesnt want to put it up.

Zoe really wants to meet Jon and Eytan, so we started planning this fantasy trip to Manchester where she'd just turn up out of nowhere [i mean obviously she'd come with me on the train, seeing as she'd have no other way of getting there, and also for the moral support seeing as i am terrified of being on trains by myself.] and we would turn up at jons house and be like HEY JON HOWS IT GOING? and i'd be like YO I BROUGHT ZOE YOU DONT MIND DO YA? and of course he'd be way too polite to say no :)

Haven't seen Eytan for ages, i miss him quite a bit!

I wonder if Jon still reads this!

Steve Irwin died today, it's a bit sad. Mind you, he was really leading himself into it, he always said he knew the limits but he obviously didn't. I feel sorry for his family, his two kiddies.

I hope Grandma forgives me for not going to her funeral.

Lots of Love

Olivia xoxox

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