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so i thought i would write an entry about yesterday here, because i feel mean if i write it on LiveJournal because of the people i have on there that didn't go to the gig! I can hear my grandma screaming at my mother from the kitchen, and i am slightly intrigued. but i will let not curiosity get the better of me. Right now I am listening to this Israeli band that added me on myspace called missFlag. The song I listened to before went on too long, but this song Warm Touch is quite nice. Not the kind of thing I could listen to for too long, but oh well.

Anyway, yesterday. Yesterday I went to Regina Spektor with Marleigh and Genevieve! It was so awesome. But before I write about the actual gig, I will talk about what happened before. So i got there at about 10 to 5 because i always seem to be ten minutes early whenever i'm meeting someone. Well usually anyway. So i get there and I see Rose with Damien and some other three non descript scene boys. So i went up to her and said hi, how are you? Blabla, normal stuff. Now I'm listening to some band called The Spectors from Brighton. Their slightly strange, their alright though. So I talked to Rose for a while. and then I went back to standing by Borders, which is just the place to stand, you know? So then Genevieve showed up and I was a bit surprised because at that time I didnt actually know she was coming as I had been told it was Lora that was coming, but it turned out to be Geno instead. So we waited for Marleigh and then she turned up and we waited for Niki. Me and Marleigh were a bit suspicious and she said "i can tell we're not actually going to go to this gig tonight" but I didn't want to get all paranoid or anything and then Niki came and gave us the tickets and then she dissapeared inside Borders because she wanted to buy some books. We still don't really understand why she didn't come to the gig. It's all a bit weird, but anyway. So then me, marleigh and Genevieve went to Pablo's for dinner and heard all Genevieve's holiday stories about the people she met in Tunisia and the friends/enemies she made and what she did there. After dinner we started walking to the concorde, and then realised we had got there HIDEOUSLY early so we went and sat on the beach. During our stay on this particular beach, Genevieve noticed this guy with aerosol cans, he must have been about 60. She said "is he getting high on aerosol cans? oh my god hes naked.." and he was and it was rather scary. Then this killer bee came and stalked us and chased us for a very very long time. We took this as our sign to leave the high naked man and go and wait outside the concorde. We were three of the first people there and when we were let in we got right to the front!
The actual gig itself was absolutely amazing. The support was Only Son, he was this guy who wouldnt tell us his real name. He was pretty awesome! He was a really funny guy, he was really cool. He was one of those people who you could tell if you talked to him in real life and were one of his friends he'd be an absolutely awesome guy to hang around with!!! Anyway, after him we had to wait for AGES until Miss Spektor decided to arrive. And when she did everyone was like WOOOOOOOOOO and she was so sweet!!! Every time we clapped and woo'd she looked like she couldn't believe we liked her! It was adorbale. Anyway, she was absolutely amazing! I video'd her playing Fidelity, and recorded her playing Us. She is a really sweet person. Anyway, it was a really great gig.

It's sunny today, and I look gross! I need to wash my hair, and I will sometime today, but I feel so tired right now.

Tell me honestly, what would you do if you honestly wanted to just get away from everything and become someone, something, completely new, not used, just fresh and completely different and new? How would you go around finding the way out? The best solution?

No answer?

Didn't think you'd have one.


Olivia x



apparently if you look directly into the sun for 28 seconds you will go blind. i dont know how they measured that, seeing as no one would be willing to try it out and be like "yes i will partake in your experiment and i'll let you know when i go blind."

Who knows, i dont!

I'm very happy tonight! I'm not sure why, but I feel extra content :)

I'm sorry that you turned to driftwood but you've been drifting for a long long time.



I feel strangely empty.

I don't like it.

I'm scared alzheimers is hereditary, and my dad will get it.

I'm scared that I will lose everyone all over again.

I'm scared I am losing the two people that mean everything to me.

Sometimes life is just so scary. I dont know why. I have a good life, but it scares me sometimes.

now and again it seems worse than it is, but mostly the view is accurate.

isnt it strange how no one calls when you really really need them to?

and how one simple song can bring back a thousand memories.

right now, for some reason, i want to be outside, breathing in the july air. i want jon with me more than anything and i dont know why, i'm just positively aching for him.

i guess things just have to keep going on though, nothing matters. NOTHING is reliable, except for the speed of light.

that is all you can rely on.