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Arent I an idiot?

guess what. carrie added me on msn, and hastened to tellme that jon told her that i was a mistake and i meant nothing to him.

this took a while to sink in, but i dont know why i kidded myself that he gave a shit about me

im such a waste of space.

i wish i could just dissapear.

i love jon and jon loves me
i love jon and jon cares for me
i love jon and jon wants me
i love jon and jon loves her.


Please don't let a man make you feel that worthless, they aren't worth it. I've so been where you are, I might be there again someday and all I can tell you is that yes, it hurts like hell, but we women are worth so much more than men let on. They treat us like we aren't 'good enough' when really they aren't worthy of us. The most valuable lesson I have learned in life is to not let a man determine my value, not to let a man make me feel unlovable simply because he was too blind to see the treasure he had found. I'm sorry if I sound preachy, I don't mean to, and I know that it doesn't take away your pain, but I hope that in some small way it helps you. I wish you great peace and blessings. Raven

Posted by: Raven | 08/10/2005

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