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Okay, what on earth? I didnt think he was this serious or anything, this is just getting slightly strange.

[23:46:30] Mcnash rule!: i think cos we feel the same about stuff so
           much an everything.. cos we are going through exactly the
           same things... we should meet up somewhere quiet an make
           out for a few hours
[23:46:42] :[McNash for: hehe
[23:46:57] Mcnash rule!: *is not joaking*
[23:47:09] :[McNash for: come on
[23:47:13] :[McNash for: like youd want to make out with ME.
[23:47:21] Mcnash rule!: i would make out with you
[23:47:30] :[McNash for: yeah right
[23:47:35] :[McNash for: im hideousss
[23:47:40] :[McNash for: id burn your eyes or something
[23:47:42] Mcnash rule!: lol.. would you like to place a bet on it?
[23:47:51] :[McNash for: i have no money.
[23:47:53] :[McNash for: at all.
[23:47:55] Mcnash rule!: lol
[23:48:02] Mcnash rule!: well.. i would make out with you.
[23:48:14] :[McNash for: you say that now...but if it ever came to
           it...you wouldnt.
[23:48:26] Mcnash rule!: lol i will the next time i see you.
[23:48:42] :[McNash for: but you wouldnt though
[23:48:47] :[McNash for: youd get Very put off.
[23:48:53] Mcnash rule!: no i wouldent
[23:48:56] :[McNash for: yeah you would
[23:48:58] :[McNash for: youd see me and run
[23:48:59] :[McNash for: run
[23:49:01] :[McNash for: run far away
[23:49:12] Mcnash rule!: lol do i really have to proove it to you?
[23:49:17] :[McNash for: lol
[23:49:18] :[McNash for: no
[23:49:22] :[McNash for: i just dont beleive you.
[23:49:29] Mcnash rule!: well then..
[23:49:30] Mcnash rule!: i will
[23:49:34] Mcnash rule!: jsut to proove i would
[23:49:50] :[McNash for: but isnt that going to be slightly strange
[23:49:53] :[McNash for: and marleigh would be
[23:49:54] :[McNash for: like
[23:49:55] :[McNash for: MEGA
[23:49:56] :[McNash for: UBER
[23:49:57] :[McNash for: SUPER
[23:50:00] :[McNash for: JEALOUS.
[23:50:06] Mcnash rule!: she wouldent have to know
[23:50:12] :[McNash for: she has spies.
[23:50:18] :[McNash for: shes friends with the pigeons.
[23:50:25] :[McNash for: they watch things for her.
[23:50:37] Mcnash rule!: lol

what the hell. so confused here.

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