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damn that stupid bright eyes community, it just ruined my favourite song for me. but i guess their theory makes sense, amy in the white coat does sound like its about rape.

its still my favourite song in the whole wide world though.

my horoscope said i should write in my journal today! because apparently i'm feeling ULTRA EMOTIONAL which in my opinion, i'm not. But I must take the advice of the all knowing astrologers.

i wish i was pretty! no scratch that. I WISH I WAS BEAUTIFUL. hold on, why are wishes always in the past tense? Surely if i wish i WAS beautiful, it means that I wish i was beautiful in the past! I dont want that! I wish I AM beautiful!!! I WISH I AM BEAUTIFUL. maybe that will work?

i hate it when wishes dont work!

im really scared about something thats happening with a certain other someone at the moment.

well im not scared, im just a bit freaked. i called miriam up the moment it started! i was like AAAAH HOW WEIRD.

anyway, this is stupid.

i like typing whatever im feeling at any precise moment though. its fun.

i get to be co director of my amazing play tomorrow! i cant wait, its gona be absolutely AWESOME. i love the kids in my cheder class!

im going to Keane in october! theyre coming to the brighton centre! and my chemistry teacher and another chemistry teacher are coming too! HOW COOL ARE WE, going to gigs with teachers.

ROCK ON OLIVIA, rock on.


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