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The last couple of days have been absolutely amazing.

Ever since I found out Jon felt the same way, everything has been so...great, calm, easy, perfect. How its meant to be. I know we cant be together physically, because he lives so far away...but just knowing he loves me...its the most amazing feeling in the world. Requited love, I never thought I'd have it.

I'm seeing him on Monday...Monday, it seems too long to wait. I need him now, right now, to hold me and tell me everything will be okay again, cuz hes there, and he loves me. To tell me that Marleigh will get better, and that Lora will find the person that she truly deserves, that Melis will stay, that Niki will stop hating me and start understanding...and that Miriam will be alright. But most of all I need him to be there with me. Just to...make me happy again, cuz in all honesty, he really is the only one that can. I only get to spend one day with him...oh well, I'd stay up all night just to be with him longer. I'd do anything.

Every single time he tells me he loves me, it fills me up with so much happiness, warmth, beauty, and want that I have extreme difficulty breathing. And sleeping.

Oh God, I love him so so SO much. Its incredible.

I want to be with him more than anything.

and...i cant. so its so horrible.


love x

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