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So, to be honest i'm a bit confused at the moment.
With a lot of things. Here we go, then.

1. Niki

I'm not entirely sure whats going on with her at the moment. She seems to be getting pissed off with me for absolutely anything. I'm not completely certain why, but its coming through slowly. Today she said that she cant help it but she hates people being liked more than her, and she hates people preferring others to her, and she hates not being liked. Does that sound like a case of big ego? I dont know. We have been arguing a lot recently, but I'm not sure if you could actually call them arguments. Mostly they are just her telling me what she has a problem with me about this time, and me listening and calmly disagreeing. No, i'm not trying to make myself sound like the hero, its just true, i dont get angry. There's nothing to get angry about with her. It would be different if she said something horrible about one of our friends, then I would get angry. But there's no point getting angry over stuff like this. 
I guess I should just leave it. I dont care anymore.

2. Jon

So confusing. I dont know. He's confusing me so much at the moment, i just dont know anymore, I love him too much to care. i'll just leave it and hope it gets better, or it dissapears. or something.

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