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Wow, 30th Post. Go me. I think I should plan a little party.

Today my mother said that I'm not considered part of the family anymore, which hurt a lot.

I realised that there is no way for me to see Jon this holiday, because theres no time that fits in properly. Its annoying, but I guess we'll just have to find some other time to see each other.

Limmud is in 4 months. So I'll spend about...5 days with him then...but thats not much. Maybe I could see him in the October half term. Maybe. He probably will have something already planned though and wont want to see me.

I'm seeing Marleigh on Thursday which will be good, because she's been upset recently and I want to talk to her.

Music is the only thing getting me through at the moment.

I guess I just wasnt made for these times.

She stops, light as air, and falls.

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