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Want to hear something that annoys me?

I happened to write an LJ entry saying what I was doing this week, and it said that on Tuesday I was seeing Ollie, and so Niki leaves a comment saying:

"thanks for seeing my ex boyfriend before you see me, who you used to say was one of your best friends ever,
sorry but i dont fancy getting over this just yet."

So now she expects me to put my friends in an order of who I see first? She hasnt asked me to see her at all this holiday! I can see whoever the fuck I want.
It would be different if she said to me, Oh can I see you on Tuesday, but she didnt. She didnt want to see me, what the hell am I supposed to do, just wait there in case she asks me to see her and not arrange to see Ollie ever without seeing her first? I dont think so. Why does she think she can control who I see? Its pathetic. She has to learn that she doesnt own her friends, and she should really respect them more. Otherwise, soon all she'll be left with are Genevieve, because Geno is scared of her and is her lapdog and will do whatever she says, and Hettie. Because Hettie worships her. And yeah, shes gonna have to start hanging out with her Backup Friends way more often if she keeps acting like this. ugh. Annoyance.

But Miriam stayed round yesterday and it was absolutely great. I love her so much. Shes amazing.

I still miss Jon a lot but I'm in a happy mood today, so instead of letting it get me down I'm just looking forward to when he gets back.


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