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Things are messed up.

They were before, but its only really got to me since what happened on Tuesday.

I'm not really sure what to do with myself anymore.

I suppose about Tuesday, I just want to know what he meant. I started to get uncomfortable so I changed the subject and told him we should go and find her but I cant help wondering what would have happened if I'd just let him keep talking. What he would have said. What he would have done. I dont know, maybe I'm just overreacting. Maybe it meant nothing at all. But why would he say that? Do that? I dont know. I know this doesnt make any sense, I'm sorry.

I'm so confused about everything right now.

Yesterday she texted me saying that I was right about everything all along.
Was I?

This whole week has been pretty fucked up to be honest, and I'm so glad its almost over. Almost back to normal. Almost.

I also got a really apologetic text from Niki, but nothing is better inside.

UGH I'm so confused. Its horrible. Why cant I ever have it easy. I'm being selfish again.

In other news, I've almost finished up my diary, which sucks. I'm trying to keep it free till December, so I'll only write things that really matter.

I almost finished the Catcher in the Rye as well.

What are you saying?
Its just the thought of rejection,
Pulling you deeper,
You just cant be yourself.

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