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Wow, Genevieve is so beautiful.
It makes me both happy and sad to see someone like that, because I know she doesnt appreciate her beauty at all. But at the same time I'm glad to be associated with someone so absolutely beautiful, and its not like shes a horrible person with a beautiful face. She's a beautiful person.

And people wonder why I want to be beautiful so much...I just want to be seen like that. Seen the way people see her, how I see her.

But if I was beautiful, does that mean I wouldnt appreciate it either? I guess not. I hope I would.

The thing with Genevieve is that she's not really ready for the real world at all.

She better start shaping up because otherwise some asshole is going to take advantage of her and her beauty.

She needs someone like...Hmm I dont know. Every guy in Brighton is an asshole anyway.

I just hope she doesnt end up with someone like Joel. That Dan Levine kid was sweet. He really liked her. But thats another thing about Geno...shed never go out with him because hes ugly. She's so shallow its funny. I guess thats a reason she doesnt deserve her beauty.

I should stop writing this. I should stop wanting to be one of my best friends.

But I've always wanted that.



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