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This sucks.

She doesnt deserve to feel like this, no no no its not fair. She's too amazing, too perfect.

The most incredible person I've ever met. She doesnt deserve this. No. Not this.

If anything ever happened to her I dont know what I'd do with myself.

"Stay, for life, for life
All you discover,
Stay, for life, for life,
This moment together,
To heal yourself, love can heal
Cant watch you fall."

I guess when someone that close to you hurts its bad enough. But not Miriam. NOT Miriam.

Right now all I want is there to be someone that can make her feel better.

Someone, something. Whatever it is.


Because I know she's the only person that will stick with me forever. That I'll stick with forever. Because love like that never ends, ever ever. There are friends that you dont need, there are friends you need, and there are friends that mean more to you than anything. And she means more to me than anything ever.

Please make her feel better, please please.

"Save, yourself, yourself,
Lost for a second,
Save, yourself, yourself,
Bury the conscience,
And heal yourself, you can heal
Cant watch you fall."

The only next time I can see her is Thursday which sucks. I need to see her sooner, I need to need to need to.

I hate loving so much.

But this will get better. It just has to. Because in the end everything gets better. Everything sorts itself out. every thing, we just have to wait. and sometimes its hard to wait but you just have to.

ugh i hate my words why cant they come out better

why cant i do more than what im doing.

i know its not my fault shes feeling like this but why cant i do anything to make it better.

"Wait, for love, for love,
You know it can happen,
Wait, for love, for love
The touch of a hand
To heal yourself, you can heal
Cant watch you fall."


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