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Back at school again, and its okay.

Volunteered to be Guild Rep with Niki again...I guess the only reasons are the fact that we get to boss people around and take money from people...oh, and the fact that I get to see Kate more often. Not that she'd notice me, or know my name or really care, but whatever. I dont think I want her to. I'm weird like that.

It looks like I'm definitely going to Manchester in the half term, which I know will be great but I cant help be nervous all the same...maybe I shouldnt get nervous but I just am.

I miss Melis, it sucked without her today. I wish she hadn't moved to America.

And I wish Ollie wasnt moving to Australia. But I cant stop anything happening so I just have to hope and watch or whatever and I dont make any sense but fuck it.

I hate how people are always classed under stupid definitions. Shit like, ooh your not cool enough to hang out with us. What the fuck is cool? Can you define cool? Who gives a shit. Theres no cool, theres no uncool, theres no anything. All the stupid things we class ourselves under mean nothing at all.

I hate how people can be so similar yet they all think they're so different. You all think your so special, that your someone unique, you'll make a difference. But you wont. You just wont, everyones the same, everyones alone, everyones together, everyone is.

And thats how its gonna be for as long as I can see x

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