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I want to be a singer
i want to be a singer so much. its my entire life. music..singing...its all i want. all i could ever want.
i am a singer, i just have to be found.
when i'm singing, and someone is listening, or even when someone isnt, i feel so worthwhile. i feel like theres something i can do well, something i do someone else likes. i love it so much, its amazing.
music is everything to me.
apart from Jon, of course, but thats a completely different story entirely.

when i sing i feel part of something, like nothing else.

and i'm always his, fatally.x


I'm also quite into the whole music making thing. I recommend getting some type of recording device to hear yourself. Also, it would be a good idea to take lessons even if you are good. It will just teach you how to get better and last longer. Above all, take care of yourself because that's most important whether you are singing or not. Even the best need luck, so good luck.

Posted by: Mr. Bitterness | 10/12/2005

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