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I'm exceedingly pissed off because i wrote the longest journal entry here a couple days back and it deleted itself when i hit submit.

no one can understand how ANNOYING THAT IS. i feel like registering an Official BlogSpirit Complaint.

Listening to Avril Lavigne again...god ive been listening to her a lot lately! its kinda weird. i like going back to childhood stuff, it makes me feel real.

you used to love me, you used to have me, but that wasnt the case, everything wasnt okay. i was left to cry there, waiting outside there, grinning with a lost stare thats when i decided....why should i care? cuz you werent there when i was scared, i was so alone. you, you need to listen. i'm starting to trip, i'm losing my grip, and i'm in this thing alone.

heh. gotta love that song. open your eyes, open up wide. STOP QUOTING, OLIVIA.

Anyway. Yeah, basically in my last journal entry...I dont know. it was kind of messed up. but it got a lot of feelings out. Maybe its better it wasnt posted, and i just got it out.

Miriam has a boyfriend! I dont want to break it to Eytan. I hope I dont end up being the one that has to. He seems to really like her.

I guess there's nothing you can do, I'm sure he'll get over it.

I watched the Digimon movie for the second time today. It's actually properly intense. I love it, I need to buy it when I've given it back to Nell.

It all makes so much sense as well, fighting the virus and everything. HAHA i'm getting deep over a Digimon movie. Oh well, I love it. I really do.

I'm gonna ask Jon to learn the Beyblade themetune on guitar for me. Then I'll love him forever. The scary thing is, I think I might love him forever anyway.

One day I, I slowly floated away. One day I, I slowly floated away.

You gotta love Eisley.

I really wish I had taken the opportunity that I lost at Limmud to talk to Scott Fried. I really need to get this thing off my chest and there is no one i want to burden with it. But I know that if I told him there would be no judgement, no stress. Just relief. I need that relief. I really do.

It hurts, especially at night. But I wont let it get to me. And I wont let it stop me doing and being what i want.

I like pretending it never happened :)

I love the song Follow the Cops Back Home by Placebo. It makes me sigh. In a good way.

Love seems to be different at the moment. When I want someone they're never there, and when I just want to be alone I'm constantly crowded.

Right now I want someone. I want you.

I want you.


Olivia xx

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