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I'm rather confused right now, because of something that happened at school.
We were all sitting eating lunch, when Georgia got called over to join some discussion with Gaby, Zoe, Daisy and Annie.
I was sitting on the other side of the lawn so I didn't know what was going on, but after a while Georgie just walked off and got her stuff and started walking to the school, so obviously everyone was like whats going on??
So I went to follow her and I was like, are you okay? What happened? And she said that they all accused her of stuff and she hadnt done any of it, and they all said she was talking about them behind their backs but she would never do that because they're her best friends etc etc. And then she started crying so I gave her a big hug and told her it would all be okay and I loved her loads. So we went to the nurse because she said she felt really sick and wanted to go home, but the nurse wasn't in so we had to go to the office. The office person thats new, I think her name is Mrs Paige, could tell something was up and George wasnt just feeling sick, so she had some talk with her about what had gone on and I went to talk to Gaby and that about what had happened.

Gaby said that Georgie had been saying loads of stuff behind her back about how she thought Gaby's poems were crap and about how she really didnt like Gaby, and how Gaby was trying to turn Zoe against Georgie. There was some other stuff too, but I cant really remember the details. And apparently Gaby was there in the room when this stuff was being said and heard everything.

I really dont know what to think. My heart is really going out to George because I could see how upset she was and she was crying and stuff, but I dont know what to believe about whether she did say stuff behind Gaby and Zoe's backs or not.

Who knows, life at Brighton and Hove High School for Girls is very, very, confusing.

Right, must dash, my song is almost over and I'm absolutely starving.

Olivia xox

p.s only 68% in biology :( im well dissapointed.

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