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not long till i see him now.
today he sent me a text saying "Hey, I just wanted to tell you how much I fucking love you. You are amazing, you deserve everything, and I cant give you anything. Youre crazy, I love you. Jonsx" I'm not sure if I can explain in words the joy and love and happiness that shot through me the minute I read that, and stayed with me the entire day and is still here now, because he loves me. I replied saying "I love you more than anything...and I have for so long, and you really are the most amazing guy I've ever met. I dont deserve someone as deep and special as you, and you make me happier than anyone else possibly could. I love you so much xxx"

and its true. Every word of it...I still cant beleive he loves me. it really is the greatest thing ever.

ive loved him for half a year now...it seems longer.

i wish niki would leave off for a while. i cant take that right now, to ruin my happiness. i cant wait to get away.
jon is amazing.


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