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I spent today with my closest friends minus one, Miriam. Because she's in Sweden.
It was great. I was with Leah, Laura, Marleigh and Ollie, and they are all amazing. I was with Melis to begin with as well but she had to go. I cant beleive shes going to America. But back to the happiness of today.
I was with them and they're so great. Ollie has become such a close friend of mine, and I hope it always stays this way. I know that no matter what Niki says or thinks she cant make me stop being friends with him because he is so great. And I guess she's right in beleiveing that I like him more than her because I do. I consider him a closer friend than her because I cant trust her and I cant tell her anything and to me she's just a friend I can have fun with. She hurts me more than anyone else. And the thing is she shouldnt because I dont consider her a close friend and all my closest friends have never hurt me, but she has. I guess thats why. Wait, i'm not really making much sense. Oh well.

I miss Jon more than ever and it hurts because I think I've depressed or upset him and that hurts me so much and makes me cry.

i love him more than anything, but i guess love is not enough.

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