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http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.view... ALEX FUCKING CARLSON

okay so i dont forget here are my thirteen statements and who which ones are about etc and im posting them here because this is "secret" or whatever.

1. i think it might be time you got over yourself a little bit. - rose
2. i'm SO SO SO glad things are better between us now, you have no idea! - marleigh
3. i miss you a lot! we need to have another long phone conversation! - eytan
4. you confuse me. - nell
5. having one lesson with you really isnt enough! -georgie
6. thursday afternoons with you are the best! -gaby
7. i miss getting really really hyper with you all the time! i hope you know i still think of you as one of my best ever friends. - niki
8. what can i say? without you i'm not me. - miriam
9. stop showing off ye olde riches! its not going to win you many friends. - india
10. your so fun and you have the most infectious laugh ever. - karishma
11. you really should stop shaving your head. its not a good look. - damien/josh style
12. god you are so funny, i dont think ive ever met anyone so weird. -i dont actually remember who this one was about!
13. i hardly ever talk to you anymore! Sorry! - ella

right and these are marleighs, with my guesses:

1. i dont think i could actually put into words how i feel about you. i love you so so much...but you infuriate me. you understand stuff that not many other people do but you make me feel claustrophobic. - either me or leah?
2. well, life would be wayyy less fun without you, me and our...lessons together. arses, skunk fur...its all the same to us. you know i love you and you know who you are. ;) - definitely geno
3. im glad stuffs better again. its good to have u back. i mean that. - ella i think
4. you arent a real friend. i just message you and talk to you cos you start it. and maybe i use you. you are a nice person though. - i have no idea.
5. you....are possibly one of my brightest things!! i love you a fuck of a lot and i know it doesnt really matter when stuf gets fucked up cos to be honest, i think we're stuck with each other for life! we're too good together. - i dont know either.
6. your always just..there. i like you, sometimes i really really have amazing times with you, but i think you judge me. plus your too full of yourself somtimes. - maybe niki, maybe not
7. I FUCKING HATE YOU AND YOU NEED TO GET OVER YOURSELF COS TO BE HONEST, WE DONT CARE. but..because of you i got someone back so....yeah you can go now :) - definitely india
8. you are a horrible bitch and i will prove you wrong. i will. i hate you. you deserve to be publically humiliated so that you know how everyone else feels. - maybe rose. im not sure.
9. i dont know where stuff is with us. i love you so so so much, it hurts. you mean so much to me and we've shared so much but....i dont know.....sometimes i think maybe its over. im a burden and you make me feel guilty. maybe stuf'll work out, but maybe it wont. people change. i'll always care though. all the stuff i say to you, i mean it. - lora i think
10. hehehehe what would i do without you? i think of you and i smile :) your my happy one but you make stuff fun. :) -i dont know
11. im so so so glad to be friends now. your lovely and fabulous and i love ya!!! - ella/rosa or someone else?
12. you. you confuse me. you just...yeah its confusing. my last resort? but your very sweet and funny...its hard...maybe...maybe not.  - jasper i think
13. last one...hmmmm....i like you...i care a lot about you. i have a lot to thank you for and your always there and your one of my biggest supports...when we're properly talking. i dont know...but thanks for..stuff. it does help and i know you care. thanks. - no idea.

 they make me SO paranoid. especially marleighs one because i love her so much and she means so much to me and i think it would actually destroy me inside if i was one of those ones she hated.

YES MY MCFLYERS CAME. I thought they forgot but no! They are here! So happy now.

anyway yeah. i'm feeling a tad strange. i've realised that even though this is my favourite journal to write in i cant even write in it anymore because its not private. and a certain person reads it and probably passes almighty judgement.

but whatever.

i'm so fucking BORED. of everything. of life. i need to meet someone new, i need to have fun. i need to get away from everything here! I've realised im being quite two faced over a particular subject lately. But I cant help it because that is how i really feel i am in two different places with it. i just cant make up my mind what to do because i only have two options. and i cant talk to anyone because everyone is biased for different reasons! So i am completely alone on this one. Except I can talk to Faye about it because somehow she seems to understand!

i'm living in so many different worlds lately. its actually crazy. theres school world, and jew world [haha.] and jon world and dream world.

 Actually school world itself divides into quite a few other different worlds. There's School World 1: Form A which is my world with my clique as i suppose you would call it, then School World 1: Form B which is my world when im with bella april millie etcc. Then theres School World 2 which is when im with the peeps from L5J, and then theres School World 3 which is when im with the peeps from L5F!! which isnt very often but what the hell.

Jew world is, to be honest, when im with my jews. joelle faye leah miriam etcc. oh and alex. oh dear, i think im starting to get a thing for alex. uh oh. WHICH IS WHY MY JEW WORLD IS SLOWLY DIVIDING ITSELF AGAIN. not yet, but it will soon.

jon world is when im with jon. i'm a completely different person when im talking to him, or when im with him. its so different it's insane. i'm a whole new me. well not new. just different. I HATE DIFFERENT.

dream world is the best world. its where i can do/be/have anyone or anything i could possibly want to. i love it.

i'm feeling so messed up at the moment but in a completlely new way. its not a messed up like it was a little while ago which was this whole "OMG NOTHING IS GOING RIGHT I MIGHT AS WELL DIE NOW BECAUSE EVERYONE HATES ME" because i dont think everyone does hate me anymore. I think most things are better now. god to think this whole emotionally weird journal entry came from something as petty as a myspace bulletin that probably didnt mean anything! I'm quite pathetic really aren't i. things are so strange. life itself is just.

and to think i'm still completely obsessed with the fact that a YY baby could be born?

whats going on, i dont know i dont care.

love x


86 {she will kiss you til your lips bleed, but she will not take her dress off.}

School isn't as bad as i thought it would be which is GOOD NEWS. the only thing is that now we're in year ten///lower five the work is SO MUCH HARDER.

Does it matter that our anchor couldnt even reach the bottom of a bathtub, and the sails reflect the moon? It's such a strange job playing blackjack on the deck.
still, atop this giant puddle, dressed in white we quietly huddle with our missiles, and we miss the girls back home.
oh home, sweet home.
Cuz Mary Anne's a bitch, etcetc.

That song is stuck in my head. I can play it on piano!! Go Me. I love Regina Spektor, her songs are so easy and happy to play on the piano.

Today has been a good day. What did it start with? Waking up of course, waking up and remembering last night. Last night was nothing special except for the lovely phone call with my extraspecialboyfriend. Yes thats all one word. Get used to it. He makes me smile so much, i love him. I hope things stay good! I also hope I don't let the whole paranoia thing get the better of me and interfere.

Anyway, after the whole waking up thing, I went to school. Well obviously I had some kind of breakfast but thats not really relevant to my day. Well apparently it is to be honest, meant to be the most important meal of the day and all that. But anyway.

So at school my first two lessons were DOUBLE SPANISH. Oh, how I love Spanish. I am determined to become fluent both Spanish and French! I shall travel around the world adopting languages. I shall! Anyway, we are going to a panish play tomorrow. We wont understand a word of what their saying unless they say things like "where do you live? whats your name? how old are you? do you have any brothers or sisters?" and stuff like that.

After Spanish had R.E. My my, R.E certainly is funny with Ms Davies. I dont know what tracing the origins of Ski Up and Go has to do with Buddhism, but apparently it's EXTREMELY relevant.

Then break, in which I quickly did the physics homework i'd forgotten to do with the helpful aid of the answer sheet. Yes, naughty I know. After break actually came Physics, Dr Sargent is a very good teacher. SO much better than Gallerz and Baker. Well everyone else loved Mrs Baker, but unfortunately I was on her Student Death List.

After Physics came DRAMA. That was amazing. We had to do this improv kind of thing about a prison doing a musical including obvious status stuff. Ours was amazing. I was Knifey Jim, Steph was Shovelly Joe, Abi was Jorgeous Jason and Rosie was Eyebrow Bob. God, it really was hilarious. We also had the three prison wardens: The Butch Lesbian One {Diana}, The New One {Rebecca} and The Old One {Shria}. Oh yeah, and Abi made the BIG mistake of saying "I DONT GET WHY EVERYONE TAKES THE PISS OUT OF INDIAN PEOPLES ACCENTS, THEIR NOT THAT WEIRD." and shria got really offended because her family comes from India. ooh, that was baaaad man. in our prison musical was the song "i'm to sexy for my SHOVEL MY DAD too sexy for my GOLDFISH" god it was amazing.

but yeah drama was ACEEEEE.

after drama was lunch where i made up my music homework!

then was music, where the listening with MISS MONEY was torture as ever, but then we went to work on our performance things. It was so funny me and marleigh just went in a room and JAMMED, man. It was great. Singing Blink 182 songs and a bit of GOOD CHARLOTTE always puts me in a good mood! And then Miss Money came in and was like OIOI WHATS GOIN ON ERE THEN except she would never be as cool to say that, and made me play the piece im playing for my performance which was RATHER EMBARASSING but whatever.

And after music i came home!!!! Yay!!!! and learnt to play Sailor Song on the piano which leads me right back to the beginning of this entry!

Well Done Olivia, you are very good at this journal writing stuff.

Lots of love!




Oh God, school soon. Absolutely dreading it. Seriously. I hate school more than anything ever.

Today I went to town with my friends Gaby, Zoe, Annie and Daisy, it was completely great, we had an awesome day. The only bad thing was that Gaby was a bit depressed because of this whole Tom thing. Urrgh, I hate him!! I hate how he makes her upset, he's such a dick. We saw him in town and I was very tempted to go up to him and have a big go at him, but I didn't.

I'm so happy that i finally have my Creative Zen Micro thingiemajigger. Makes life easier, god i sound like a ADVERT. A walking talking advert, we are all for sale etc.

In other news, I have become re obssessed with Justin Timberlake! I love him. As I said to Miriam, "i actually do want him in bed! seriously!" He's on the list. Heh. the list is awesome, its this list of celebrities that me and miriam want to...well...you know.

Other people on this list are Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones, Owen & Luke Wilson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jesse McCartney, Chad Michael Murray, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Brody and many others.

Yeah, its a good list :)

Anyway, I haven't seen Jon for ages which is rather sad!

It's my Dad's 50th birthday soon! I bought him a card today. Well another one, I already got him one but its quite rude so Mum doesnt want to put it up.

Zoe really wants to meet Jon and Eytan, so we started planning this fantasy trip to Manchester where she'd just turn up out of nowhere [i mean obviously she'd come with me on the train, seeing as she'd have no other way of getting there, and also for the moral support seeing as i am terrified of being on trains by myself.] and we would turn up at jons house and be like HEY JON HOWS IT GOING? and i'd be like YO I BROUGHT ZOE YOU DONT MIND DO YA? and of course he'd be way too polite to say no :)

Haven't seen Eytan for ages, i miss him quite a bit!

I wonder if Jon still reads this!

Steve Irwin died today, it's a bit sad. Mind you, he was really leading himself into it, he always said he knew the limits but he obviously didn't. I feel sorry for his family, his two kiddies.

I hope Grandma forgives me for not going to her funeral.

Lots of Love

Olivia xoxox



so I thought I would give a lowdown on the past few days. Oh, well this thing happened on Saturday which sucked. Which was the fact that my phone got stolen.

But apart from that. Yesterday I went to Gaby's party, which was awesome. I had so much fun, it really was proper great dude. Oh yeah, i'm all into that kind of Cool Slang now, I swear.

I did have a pretty lame costume though, but whatever, it won me a few laughs, and a few friends.

It was really nice. It had some pretty memorable moments such as "yah, just dont tell ma parents okay?" and "Henry - was- charcoaled." and national mule scraping day.

my cousins are over tonight,

i miss jon,

and thats my life for now!



yet again, i find myself using this phrase:

"is it really humanly possible to miss someone this much?" Sigh!!

Right now I am trying to be a good friend and convince Rose that Gaby hasn't stolen all her friends and turned everyone against her. But I guess it's slightly true. Since we all became good friends with Gaby, we've been put off Rose a lot because...well you know. Things Gaby said. But there are always two sides to every story, and now I see Rose's I feel bad. I feel sad as well. Because she is lonely and it is obvious.

And what am I meant to do??

Who knows.

 Olivia xox


Rose - Hold onto your kite. says:

its bloody hard when shes trying to steal all your friends!

*Livi*[You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first, I loved you first. Beneath the stars came falling on our hats]. says:

whose she stealing? do you think shes trying to turn us all against you or something?

Rose - Hold onto your kite. says:

well yes

*Livi*[You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first, I loved you first. Beneath the stars came falling on our hats]. says:

well, we're still all your friend too!

*Livi*[You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first, I loved you first. Beneath the stars came falling on our hats]. says:

we love you just the same!

Rose - Hold onto your kite. says:


Rose - Hold onto your kite. says:

thats why millie is the only one that asked to meet up?



so i thought i would write an entry about yesterday here, because i feel mean if i write it on LiveJournal because of the people i have on there that didn't go to the gig! I can hear my grandma screaming at my mother from the kitchen, and i am slightly intrigued. but i will let not curiosity get the better of me. Right now I am listening to this Israeli band that added me on myspace called missFlag. The song I listened to before went on too long, but this song Warm Touch is quite nice. Not the kind of thing I could listen to for too long, but oh well.

Anyway, yesterday. Yesterday I went to Regina Spektor with Marleigh and Genevieve! It was so awesome. But before I write about the actual gig, I will talk about what happened before. So i got there at about 10 to 5 because i always seem to be ten minutes early whenever i'm meeting someone. Well usually anyway. So i get there and I see Rose with Damien and some other three non descript scene boys. So i went up to her and said hi, how are you? Blabla, normal stuff. Now I'm listening to some band called The Spectors from Brighton. Their slightly strange, their alright though. So I talked to Rose for a while. and then I went back to standing by Borders, which is just the place to stand, you know? So then Genevieve showed up and I was a bit surprised because at that time I didnt actually know she was coming as I had been told it was Lora that was coming, but it turned out to be Geno instead. So we waited for Marleigh and then she turned up and we waited for Niki. Me and Marleigh were a bit suspicious and she said "i can tell we're not actually going to go to this gig tonight" but I didn't want to get all paranoid or anything and then Niki came and gave us the tickets and then she dissapeared inside Borders because she wanted to buy some books. We still don't really understand why she didn't come to the gig. It's all a bit weird, but anyway. So then me, marleigh and Genevieve went to Pablo's for dinner and heard all Genevieve's holiday stories about the people she met in Tunisia and the friends/enemies she made and what she did there. After dinner we started walking to the concorde, and then realised we had got there HIDEOUSLY early so we went and sat on the beach. During our stay on this particular beach, Genevieve noticed this guy with aerosol cans, he must have been about 60. She said "is he getting high on aerosol cans? oh my god hes naked.." and he was and it was rather scary. Then this killer bee came and stalked us and chased us for a very very long time. We took this as our sign to leave the high naked man and go and wait outside the concorde. We were three of the first people there and when we were let in we got right to the front!
The actual gig itself was absolutely amazing. The support was Only Son, he was this guy who wouldnt tell us his real name. He was pretty awesome! He was a really funny guy, he was really cool. He was one of those people who you could tell if you talked to him in real life and were one of his friends he'd be an absolutely awesome guy to hang around with!!! Anyway, after him we had to wait for AGES until Miss Spektor decided to arrive. And when she did everyone was like WOOOOOOOOOO and she was so sweet!!! Every time we clapped and woo'd she looked like she couldn't believe we liked her! It was adorbale. Anyway, she was absolutely amazing! I video'd her playing Fidelity, and recorded her playing Us. She is a really sweet person. Anyway, it was a really great gig.

It's sunny today, and I look gross! I need to wash my hair, and I will sometime today, but I feel so tired right now.

Tell me honestly, what would you do if you honestly wanted to just get away from everything and become someone, something, completely new, not used, just fresh and completely different and new? How would you go around finding the way out? The best solution?

No answer?

Didn't think you'd have one.


Olivia x



apparently if you look directly into the sun for 28 seconds you will go blind. i dont know how they measured that, seeing as no one would be willing to try it out and be like "yes i will partake in your experiment and i'll let you know when i go blind."

Who knows, i dont!

I'm very happy tonight! I'm not sure why, but I feel extra content :)

I'm sorry that you turned to driftwood but you've been drifting for a long long time.